A Successful Recovery from William H!

Mr. Harp was admitted to MediLodge of Grand Blanc on September 17, 2019 on a ventilator for respiratory failure after being unconscious for over two months.

“I was so scared of not being able to breathe, my anxiety was so high. Heidi, the Respiratory Director, stood by me and helped coach me through the breathing process while the nursing staff made sure I was going to be ok. I was off the ventilator for a whole day. Each time I felt more and more comfortable with myself knowing I was able to do this! I was scared but the RT and Nursing staff calmed me down, talked me through the process and I had lots of people around me encouraging me and telling me how great I was doing without the ventilator on!”

Soon Mr. Harp’s trach was capped, and the MediLodge team graduated him to the step down rehabilitation unit from the ventilator unit.

“The Pulmonologist pulled my trach out and I didn’t even feel it. I think very highly of the staff, from housekeeping to the big shots. Heidi, my Respiratory therapist, was excellent and encouraged me. She even bought me balloons to congratulate me on going home. I feel like I was brought back from the grave, but here I am going home. I had fun here. My wife of 53 years told me she picked the right nursing facility. I would recommend MediLodge of Grand Blanc to everyone!”

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